Group 4: Sciences (Higher Level)

SCIENCE – SC20PB / SC20PBX (Grade 10)

This is a version of the compulsory grade 10 science course specially designed for students intending to enter I.B. Biology, I.B. Chemistry, or I.B. Physics. While it is based on the existing Manitoba SC20F curriculum, students will cover additional material in greater depth than in the standard SC20F course. In addition, the pace will be considerably faster.


All grade 12 students will also complete a Group 4 project. Students are required to save their lab reports as they will be submitted to the chief examiner of I.B. for evaluation upon completion of the grade 12 I.B. program and will count for 24% of the I.B. mark. The Group 4 I.B. Evaluation is based on the following percentages: I.B. Exam 76%, Lab Work (internal assessment) 24%.


This is the first course in the two year higher level IB Physics program. Topics covered include: Physical Measurement, Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves, Wave Phenomena, Thermal Physics, and Electric Fields. While the topics covered are similar to PH30S, students will cover more material in greater depth than PH30S. Greater emphasis will be placed on laboratory and research work.


This is the second course in the two year higher level IB Physics program. Topics covered include: electric fields, electric circuits, magnetic fields, electromagnetic induction, digital technology, relativity, nuclear physics, and environmental physics. Students who do not want to complete the IB Physics program, but want a PH40S credit may take this course as long as they meet the prerequisites. Students with PH30S may attempt this course with permission of the instructor.


This is a continuation of PH40IB for those students who will be writing the IB Physics examination. Topics covered include: quantum and nuclear physics, electromagnetic waves, and particle physics. This course runs every day during the second semester to the end of April. The IB Physics examination is written in May.


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