Group 2: Language Acquisition (and Français – Standard Level)

The courses listed below are divided according to Basic French and Immersion courses. Immersion courses are listed as Français. Please note that in order to gain admission into the IB Programme, students in grades 9 and 10 must take a second language. Course instruction throughout the program is offered in French itself.

French IB/ Français BI

  • I. French B SL – Basic French (Second Language)
  • II. Français Language A1 SL – Immersion (Second Language)



The objectives of the course are: to develop oral accuracy and fluency; to develop reading skills; to begin formal study of grammar and the development of a more advanced vocabulary; to develop cultural (Francophone) awareness. Students will participate in a variety of activities to further their linguistic competence.

FRENCH – FR20PB (Grade 10)

The course objectives are: to develop the student’s fluency in reading and speaking; to develop further the student’s ability to understand French spoken at normal speed; to recognize the structure of French and how to formulate sentences; to develop the ability to write a simple composition. This course is required so as to access the IB programme.


This is the same content as the FR30S course with some enrichments in preparation for the IB courses. This course is offered in the second semester of grade 10. This course is required so as to access the IB programme.

FRENCH – FR40IB (Grade 11)

In addition to the description of the FR40S course, students will develop the ability to communicate accurately and effectively in speech and in writing within a range of contexts; to develop the ability to understand and respond to the language demands of transactional and social contacts; to provide students with a sound linguistic base for further study, work and leisure; to offer insights into the culture of the countries where the language is spoken; to provide the opportunity for enjoyment, creativity and intellectual stimulation. Fluency and comprehension will be further developed through listening and speaking activities and the study of reading passages.

FRENCH – FR42IB (French B Standard Level) – Grade 12

This course is taught every other day throughout the school year. The students will be exposed to a wide range of texts, written and spoken, literary and non-literary. Students will write the IB French Language B exam in May. This course will give students the opportunity to reach a higher degree of competence in the language and explore the culture using the language. The skills will be developed in the following areas of language mastery:

  • Written Comprehension – reading a variety of texts from different genres
  • Written Production – writing for a variety of audiences in various genres
  • Oral Comprehension – listening for understanding radio, television, music and cinema
  • Oral Production – speaking for different social contexts and different audiences

Read more from the teacher’s course outline here

II. FRANÇAIS LANGUAGE A1 SL : Language and Literature (IMMERSION)

Language A1 is a language/literature course for students who have been educated at a school whose working language is not their native language, i.e. our French Immersion students. Such students will have surpassed the foreign learner stage, but, are not considered native speakers. Successful Full Diploma candidates will receive a bilingual diploma issued by the International Baccalaureate Organization. As mentioned earlier, in order to gain admission into the IB Programme, students in grades 9 and 10 must take a second language.

FRANÇAIS – FR10FX (Grade 9)

Students will be exposed to a variety of literature which covers several genres. In addition, students will be required to pay attention to the mechanics of their language in a very detailed and active manner. Language mechanics will be explored through an explicitly grammatical as well as contextually integrated manner.

FRANÇAIS – FR20PBX (Grade 10)

Students will continue to be exposed to a variety of literature in various genres. Students will use a variety of materials to achieve success, including plays, novels, short stories, magazine articles and poetry. Students will continue to deprogram themselves out of common errors while at the same time explore how to answer analytical questions. This course is required so as to access the IB programme.


This course continues to develop the skills studied in FR20PBX. The literature and the works covered will be more developed than at previous levels. Students will be required to prepare oral and research presentations and written essays which demonstrate a greater grasp of the language. Students will study a minimum of one play and one novel. Students will continue to develop mastery of analytical questions and learn how to approach critical texts. Additionally, students will receive an introduction to persuasive texts and the production of short stories. This course is offered in the second semester of grade 10. This course is required so as to access the IB programme.

FRANÇAIS – FR40IBX (Grade 11)

Course objectives are similar to the FR40SX course. In addition, students will begin literary analysis of excerpts from various genres. Works and tasks are organized according to the following themes as prescribed by the IB. Additionally, students will prepare for the provincial exam.

FRANÇAIS – FR42IBX (French A1 Standard Level) – Grade 12

Prerequisite: French 40IBX: Students will continue to deepen their understanding in the themes from FR40IBX. Students will delve heavily into literary analysis and comparison. There is an oral exam as well as two creative writing tasks sent to IB. Units and works are thematically linked according to IB principles.


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