Sports, Exercise and Health Science

Group 4: Sciences (Standard Level)

Sports, exercise and health science (SEHS)

The Sports, exercise and health science course is currently a standard level (SL) pilot subject.  The course is on open offer to IB schools from September 2012, with first examinations in May 2014. This new, SL only course lies within Group 4 Experimental sciences.  Group 4 students explore the concepts, theories, models and techniques that underpin each subject area and through these develop their understanding of the scientific method. SEHS students participate in a compulsory group 4 project.  This collaborative and interdisciplinary exercise provides an opportunity for students to explore scientific solutions to global questions.

Key features of the curriculum and assessment model:

  • SEHS is an SL course that requires 150 hours of teaching time over two years.
  • The SEHS course follows the group 4 SL curriculum model; a core syllabus and a choice of four options.  Students are required to spend 40 hours on practical/investigative work.
  • The SEHS course incorporates the disciplines of anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, psychology and nutrition, which are studied in the context of sport, exercise and health.
  • A combination of syllabus content and experimental work provides the opportunity for students to acquire the knowledge and understanding necessary to apply scientific principles and analyse human performance.
  • The SEHS course has strong international dimensions such as international sporting competition and the international bodies that regulate them. Ethical issues that exist within sporting competitions are considered.
  • The comprehensive curriculum provides excellent preparation for university courses including those specifically related to Sport, Sports Science or Physical Education.

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