The Sturgeon Heights I.B. program is currently able to offer the following courses:

Organized alphabetically by course title:

Or organized by the various I.B. groups:

  1. Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature
    1. English Higher Level
  2. Group 2: Language Acquisition
    1. FrenchStandard Level (and Français)
  3. Group 3: Individuals and Societies
    1. HistoryHigher Level
  4. Group 4: Mathematics
    1. Mathematics Standard Level
  5. Group 5: Sciences
    1. Biology Higher Level
    2. Chemistry Standard Level
    3. Computer ScienceStandard or Higher Level
    4. Physics – Higher Level
    5. Sports, Exercise and Health ScienceStandard Level
  6. Group 6: The Arts
    1. Visual ArtsStandard or Higher Level

Or organized by the various I.B. levels:

To receive the full I.B. Diploma, three major requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. Students must complete one subject from each of five groups (1 to 5). As well, students must complete a 6th from either group 6 (the Arts), or a second subject from groups 1 to 5.
  2. At least three and not more than four subjects are taken at higher level (240 teaching hours), while the other subjects are taken at standard level (150 teaching hours)
  3. Students must complete the three core elements: the Theory of Knowledge (T.O.K.) course, Creativity, Action Service (C.A.S.) component, and the extended essay (E.E.)



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